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B-24H-15-CF 41-29490

486th Bomb Group, 834th Bomb Squadron


Nose art painted by
486th Bomb Group, 834th Bomb Squadron
Sudbury, England

Assigned to England on 26th March 1944, the aircraft completed 14 combat missions with the 486BG. Its targets during that period were primarily marshalling yards, airfields and tactical support for the invasion of the European mainland -- three of sorties were flown as the squadron lead aircraft. When the 486BG converted to flying B17 Fortresses at the end of July 1944, "Gemini" was transferred out of the unit but continued to fly combat missions in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


9 May 1944A W FullerLaon / Couvron
20 May 1944A W Fuller / W D Howell Liege MY (abortive)led low sqn
23 May 1944A W FullerEtampes Mondesure
27 May 1944Paynter / WilsonWoippy AFSqn lead a/c
6 Jun 1944A W Fuller / W D Howell (1st) Caen (abortive)3rd sqn lead
8 Jun 1944Newman / A W FullerCinq Mars
16 Jun 1944ReedIlliers Levegue L/G
22 Jun 1944R CifreseNoball
28 Jun 1944FitzsimmonsCoulommiers AF (abortive)
29 Jun 1944Capt R T RobinsonFallersleben (abortive)
14 Jul 1944PricePeronne
18 Jul 1944JensenTactical - Caen
20 Jul 1944FriendRusselheim
21 Jul 1944ClinardTarget Opp AFLast B24 operation for 486BG

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