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Boston Bombshell
B-17G-10-VE 42-39996

91st Bomb Group, 322nd Bomb Squadron

Boston Bombshell

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


21 Jan 1944R L Gough /Cherbourg Category A flak damage
29 Jan 1944R L Gough /FrankfurtCategory AC flak damage. One Fw190 claimed damaged
4 Feb 1944J W Smith /FrankfurtAborted (non-sortie) - #3 engine out
5 Feb 1944J W Smith /Avord airfield 
6 Feb 1944P D Jessop /Nancy - Essey airfieldAbortive mission
11 Feb 1944R L Gough /FrankfurtAborted (non-sortie) - #3 engine oil leak & prop governor
20 Feb 1944R L Gough /Liepzig - AscherslebenCategory A flak damage
22 Feb 1944R E Fancher /Bunde - BielefeldOne Me109 claimed destroyed
16 Mar 1944A W Burton /Lechfeld 
16 Mar 1944A W Burton /Lechfield 
20 Mar 1944A F Brazie /Frankfurt 
23 Mar 1944A F Brazie /AhlenMinor battle damage
24 Mar 1944A F Brazie /Frankfurt 
27 Mar 1944A F Brazie /St Jean d'Angeley airfield 
8 Apr 1944??OldenburgMinor battle damage - one crew man wounded
10 Apr 1944A F Brazie /Brussels 
11 Apr 1944A F Brazie /StettinMinor battle damage
19 Apr 1944B Hayen /Eschwege 
22 Apr 1944A F Brazie /Hamm MY 
24 Apr 1944A F Brazie /Erding 
26 Apr 1944??BrunswickMinor battle damage - flak
28 Apr 1944A F Brazie /Avord 
29 Apr 1944J P Bilotta /BerlinFlew with 324BS
11 May 1944J D Powell / P R SheldonKontz Karthaus 
12 May 1944W R Langford /LutzkendorfCategory A flak damage
27 May 1944H L Robertson /Ludwigshaven 
28 May 1944A Thomas /Dessau 
30 May 1944D J Ryan /Dessau 
6 Jun 1944C T Bell / D McCarty (??)La Riviere (??)Confused on records crew could have flown #673
12 Jun 1944C T Walby / M E BenderCambrai-Niergnes airfield 
13 Jun 1944F L Suther / F/o GolubicBeaumont-sur-Oise 
18 Jun 1944T P Smith / L G StarksHamburg 
20 Jun 1944R E O'Bannon / T FitzgeraldHamburgAborted (non-sortie) - gas fumes in cockpit
21 Jun 1944J R Thompson / D NelsonBerlinCategory A flak damage
7 Jul 1944J M Hamilton / E E FritzLeipzig - Kolleda airfield 
8 Jul 1944J M Hamilton / E E FritzEtaples - CrepieulV-weapon site
9 Jul 1944L M Walton / D SparkmanCrepieul - FleuryV-weapon site -- abortive sortie
16 Jul 1944Russell /Munich 
24 Jul 1944J M Hamilton / E E FritzSt LoTactical support
29 Jul 1944J M Hamilton / E E FritzMerseburg 
31 Jul 1944J M Hamilton / E E FritzMunich 
1 Aug 1944J M Hamilton / E E FritzChartres airfieldLost #3 engine, jettisoned load and returned alone
5 Aug 1944J M Hamilton / E E FritzNienburg 
7 Aug 1944H E Garner /Sens-Bourron-Marlotte 
11 Aug 1944M C Ellis / M WebbBrest 
12 Aug 1944H E Garner /Buc airfield 
14 Aug 1944F M Towner / J R FinkMetz-Frascaty airfield 
15 Aug 1944F M Towner / J R FinkOstheim 
16 Aug 1944J V Dunlap / F/o J J CarterHalleMISSING IN ACTION - all 4 engines on fire from fighters


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