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Booze Hound
B-29-60-BW 44-69746

500th Bomb Group 881st Bomb Squadron

Booze Hound
There can be no doubt about the origin of the name for this B29 given that it was assigned to the crew of Lt George Booze. The long serving Superfort completed more than forty combat missions against Japan under the dedicated care of crew chief M/Sgt Ben Eilers. "Booze Hound" survived the war and went on to serve again in the Korean Conflict but by then it had been transferred to 98BG(VH)and received a lavish new artwork with the name of "September Song". All the under surfaces had also been painted in black in an attempt to reduce the risk of being spotted by night fighters or search lights.
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Known Mission List

Date Pilot


5 Mar 1945BoozeWeather strike
9 Mar 1945BoozeTokyo
11 Mar 1945BoozeNagoya
13 Mar 1945BoozeOsaka
16 Mar 1945LewisKobe
18 Mar 1945CalhounWeather strike Tokyo
27 Mar 1945CalhounKyushu AFs
31 Mar 1945CalhounTachiari
8 Apr 1945BoozeKagoshima
12 Apr 1945BoozeTokyo Musashino Nakajima
13 Apr 1945CalhounTokyo Arsenal
15 Apr 1945Booze Southern Tokyo
10 May 1945CalhounTokuyama
14 May 1945CalhounNagoya
16 May 1945CalhounNagoya
19 May 1945CalhounHamamatsu
1 Jun 1945CalhounOsaka urban
5 Jun 1945CalhounKobe
7 Jun 1945CalhounOsaka
10 Jun 1945AlthoffChiba HitachiMinor flak damage
15 Jun 1945CalhounOsaka Amagasaki
22 Jun 1945CalhounKure
26 Jun 1945CalhounOsaka
1 Jul 1945CalhounKumamoto
3 Jul 1945CalhounKochi
6 Jul 1945CalhounAkashi
9 Jul 1945CalhounSakai
16 Jul 1945CalhounOita
19 Jul 1945PowersHitachi
24 Jul 1945S FoxOsaka (Kuwana)
1 Aug 1945S FoxToyamaLost one engine, landed on Iwo Jima
14 Aug 1945S FoxOsaka
29 Aug 1945POW Supply #5

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