USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Boomerang - Back Again
B-24L-10-FO 44-49504

308th Bomb Group


Nose art painted by
T/Sgt Howard COLVIN
308th Bomb Group, 425th Bomb Squadron

Boomerang - Back Again

Initially serving with the 7th Bomb Group, this B24L was later transferred to 308th. It flew bombing missions against the Japanese and then transport flights over the "Hump" between India and China.

It was one of at least two nose arts signed by David Colvin, (his signature is seen just above the right ankle) and sporting the distinctive black underside seen of many of the later 308BG aircraft.

Surviving hostilities it was flown back to the USA to be salvaged at Walnut Ridge on 21st October 1945.

Anyone with details of its combat history and crew(s) in either of its groups, please make contact.

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