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USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Boeing Belle
B-17G-5-VE 42-39867

100th Bomb Group, 351st Bomb Squadron


Previously "Hang The Expense" 349th Bomb Squadron (later 351st Bomb Squadron) If you can add any further detail to this mission listing I would be pleased to hear from you. Some sources put the final mission tally as high as 135 missions.
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Known Mission List

Date Pilot


24 Sep 1943  Delivered to Long Beach
6 Oct 1943  Grand Island, Nebraska
11 Nov 1943  Assigned to 349BS, 100BG @ Thorpe Abbotts
30 Dec 1943F Valesh /LudwigshavenCategory Ac damage - mg fire. Landed @ RAF Lympne
11 Jan 1944?OsnabruckNon-sortie - returned early
24 Jan 1944F Valesh /Frankfurt (recalled)Tail wheel blown off by flak, (TG) POW. Landed @ RAF Eastchurch (see photo above)
15 Mar 1944Capt H E Keel /Brunswick 
18 Mar 1944J F Massol /Lechfeld 
1 Apr 1944E W Wolf /Ludwigshaven (recalled)Non-sortie - not despatched
9 Apr 1944R V E Monrad /Krzesinki 
10 Apr 1944R V E Monrad /Rheims 
11 Apr 1944L G Lacy /Rostock20mm thru right wing tip, bullet hole over (CP) window. One KIA
12 Apr 1944R V E Monrad /Schkeudiz (recalled)Non-sortie
13 Apr 1944R V E Monrad /AugsburgNon-sortie - returned early with bomb load due to fuel leak
18 Apr 1944E W Wolf /BerlinCategory AC damage - flak thru plexinose, changed
19 Apr 1944E W Wolf /LippstadtNon-sortie - Spare
20 Apr 1944E W Wolf /Noball @ Marquenville / FlottemanvilleAircraft RE-NAMED as "Boeing Belle" from "Hang the Expense"
22 Apr 1944E W Wolf /Hamm 
26 Apr 1944E W Wolf /Brunswick 
28 Apr 1944E W Wolf /Noball @ SottevastJettisoned bomb load
29 Apr 1944E W Wolf /BerlinSerious damage - right inner wing and main spar
7 May 1944E W Wolf /Berlin 
8 May 1944E J Simmons /Berlin 
11 May 1944E W Wolf /Liege MYs 
12 May 1944E W Wolf /BruxCategory AC damage - hit by door from another a/c
19 May 1944E W Wolf /Berlin 
20 May 1944R G Roeder /Brussels (abortive)Sortie (??)
31 May 1944E W Wolf /OsnabruckNon-sortie - Spare
5 Jun 1944E W Wolf /Boulogne 
6 Jun 1944E W Wolf /Falaise 
6 Jun 1944E W Wolf /Caen 
7 Jun 1944E J Simmons /Nantes 
11 Jun 1944E W Wolf /Berck-sur-Mer 
15 Jun 1944H Dickert /Misburg 
20 Jun 1944E W Wolf /Fallersleben 
24 Jun 1944W L Greiner /Noball @ Grand CouronneLanded @ RAF Woodbridge - hydraulics out. Transferred to 351BS after repairs
6 Jul 1944E Zapf /Noball @ Crepieul(BT) suffered anoxia
7 Jul 1944D L Darby /BohlenNon-sortie - returned early, jettisoned bomb load
8 Jul 1944D L Darby /Clamcy-Joigny RR bridgesReturned early - lost formation (sortie)?
11 Jul 1944E W Wolf /Munich 
13 Jul 1944Capt N F Smith /Munich 
14 Jul 1944E W Wolf /South FranceNon-sortie - Returned early - engine trouble
17 Jul 1944W L Greiner /Ludwigshaven 
18 Jul 1944R A Ricci /Kiel / Hemmingstadt 
19 Jul 1944L G Bennett /Schweinfurt 
20 Jul 1944A J Gallagher /MerseburgNon-sortie - Spare
25 Jul 1944D L Darby /St Lo (Tcatical) 
28 Jul 1944E W Wolf /Merseburg 
29 Jul 1944E W Wolf /Merseburg 
31 Jul 1944D L Darby /Munich 
3 Aug 1944O C Everitt /Troyes 
4 Aug 1944R L Stevenson /Hamburg 
5 Aug 1944J P Ernst /Magdeburg 
7 Aug 1944D L Darby /Beautor (abortive)Returned early - Sortie(??)
8 Aug 1944R L Stevenson /St Sylvain 
13 Aug 1944L G Delaney /Nantes-Gassicourt 
15 Aug 1944R L Stevenson /Venlo airfield 
25 Aug 1944R L Stevenson /Politz 
26 Aug 1944C J Hedin /Brest 
5 Sep 1944R L Stevenson /Stuttgart 
10 Sep 1944R L Stevenson /Nurnburg 
11 Sep 1944O E Hopkins /Ruhland 
12 Sep 1944O E Hopkins /Magdeburg 
13 Sep 1944L G Bennett /Sindelfingen 
19 Jun 1945 Returned USAto Bradley Field 121 Base Unit
22 Jun 1945 South Plains4168 Base Unit
11 Dec 1945 Kingman RFC, ArizonaSCRAPPED

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