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Boeing Belle
B-17G-5-VE 42-39867

100th Bomb Group, 351st Bomb Squadron

Boeing Belle
Previously named "Hang The Expense" (351st Bomb Squadron) until Frank Valesh limped back to RAF Lympne with the tail almost shot off at the end of December 43. Once repaired and returned for combat duties its squadron letter was changed from "E" to "Z". The change of name also brought a change of luck and it became one of the group's finest veteran Forts. If you can add any further detail to this mission listing I would be pleased to hear from you. Some sources put the final mission tally as high as 125 missions.
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Known Mission List

Date Pilot


24 Sep 1943  Delivered to Long Beach
6 Oct 1943  Grand Island, Nebraska
11 Nov 1943  Assigned to 349BS, 100BG @ Thorpe Abbotts
30 Dec 1943F Valesh /LudwigshavenCategory Ac damage - mg fire. Landed @ RAF Lympne
11 Jan 1944?OsnabruckNon-sortie - returned early
24 Jan 1944F Valesh /Frankfurt (recalled)Tail wheel blown off by flak, (TG) POW. Landed @ RAF Eastchurch (see photo above)
15 Mar 1944Capt H E Keel /Brunswick 
18 Mar 1944J F Massol /Lechfeld 
1 Apr 1944E W Wolf /Ludwigshaven (recalled)Non-sortie - not despatched
9 Apr 1944R V E Monrad /Krzesinki 
10 Apr 1944R V E Monrad /Rheims 
11 Apr 1944L G Lacy /Rostock20mm thru right wing tip, bullet hole over (CP) window. One KIA
12 Apr 1944R V E Monrad /Schkeudiz (recalled)Non-sortie
13 Apr 1944R V E Monrad /AugsburgNon-sortie - returned early with bomb load due to fuel leak
18 Apr 1944E W Wolf /BerlinCategory AC damage - flak thru plexinose, changed
19 Apr 1944E W Wolf /LippstadtNon-sortie - Spare
20 Apr 1944E W Wolf /Noball @ Marquenville / FlottemanvilleAircraft RE-NAMED as "Boeing Belle" from "Hang the Expense"
22 Apr 1944E W Wolf /Hamm 
26 Apr 1944E W Wolf /Brunswick 
28 Apr 1944E W Wolf /Noball @ SottevastJettisoned bomb load
29 Apr 1944E W Wolf /BerlinSerious damage - right inner wing and main spar
7 May 1944E W Wolf /Berlin 
8 May 1944E J Simmons /Berlin 
11 May 1944E W Wolf /Liege MYs 
12 May 1944E W Wolf /BruxCategory AC damage - hit by door from another a/c
19 May 1944E W Wolf /Berlin 
20 May 1944R G Roeder /Brussels (abortive)Sortie (??)
31 May 1944E W Wolf /OsnabruckNon-sortie - Spare
5 Jun 1944E W Wolf /Boulogne 
6 Jun 1944E W Wolf /Falaise 
6 Jun 1944E W Wolf /Caen 
7 Jun 1944E J Simmons /Nantes 
11 Jun 1944E W Wolf /Berck-sur-Mer 
15 Jun 1944H Dickert /Misburg 
20 Jun 1944E W Wolf /Fallersleben 
24 Jun 1944W L Greiner /Noball @ Grand CouronneLanded @ RAF Woodbridge - hydraulics out. Transferred to 351BS after repairs
6 Jul 1944E Zapf /Noball @ Crepieul(BT) suffered anoxia
7 Jul 1944D L Darby /BohlenNon-sortie - returned early, jettisoned bomb load
8 Jul 1944D L Darby /Clamcy-Joigny RR bridgesReturned early - lost formation (sortie)?
11 Jul 1944E W Wolf /Munich 
13 Jul 1944Capt N F Smith /Munich 
14 Jul 1944E W Wolf /South FranceNon-sortie - Returned early - engine trouble
17 Jul 1944W L Greiner /Ludwigshaven 
18 Jul 1944R A Ricci /Kiel / Hemmingstadt 
19 Jul 1944L G Bennett /Schweinfurt 
20 Jul 1944A J Gallagher /MerseburgNon-sortie - Spare
25 Jul 1944D L Darby /St Lo (Tcatical) 
28 Jul 1944E W Wolf /Merseburg 
29 Jul 1944E W Wolf /Merseburg 
31 Jul 1944D L Darby /Munich 
3 Aug 1944O C Everitt /Troyes 
4 Aug 1944R L Stevenson /Hamburg 
5 Aug 1944J P Ernst /Magdeburg 
7 Aug 1944D L Darby /Beautor (abortive)Returned early - Sortie(??)
8 Aug 1944R L Stevenson /St Sylvain 
13 Aug 1944L G Delaney /Nantes-Gassicourt 
15 Aug 1944R L Stevenson /Venlo airfield 
25 Aug 1944R L Stevenson /Politz 
26 Aug 1944C J Hedin /Brest 
5 Sep 1944R L Stevenson /Stuttgart 
10 Sep 1944R L Stevenson /Nurnburg 
11 Sep 1944O E Hopkins /Ruhland 
12 Sep 1944O E Hopkins /Magdeburg 
13 Sep 1944L G Bennett /Sindelfingen 
19 Jun 1945 Returned USAto Bradley Field 121 Base Unit
22 Jun 1945 South Plains4168 Base Unit
11 Dec 1945 Kingman RFC, ArizonaSCRAPPED


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