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29th Seabees
B-29-50-BW 42-24781

505th Group, 483rd Squadron

29th Seabees

This B29 was lost while on a training flight on 5th January 1945. It was flying in formation at 28,000ft when its #2 engine caught fire. Capt John T Weir feathered the prop and peeled out of the formation. The fire was extinguished but restarted shortly before the plane disappeared into the clouds at about 2000ft. Five minutes later a radio message stated it was about to ditch, 184 miles from Pagan island.

The only survivor, Corporal Estle Davidson, later reported that he had bailed out at around 18,000ft and watched as a wing broke off the stricken Superfort before it hit the water in a sheet of flame.

Davidson drifted in his life raft for four days before being picked up by a destroyer brought to the scene by air sea rescue aircraft.

Missing air crew report # 16171

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