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The 385th Bomb Group (Heavy)

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A study of the Flying Fortresses of 385th Bomb Group - their service, their fate, their nose art and its origin and artists
List of combat missions with aircraft losses
Full crew listing for all named aircraft missing in action
approx 288 pages, 12"x 8", hardback

If you have any information which can help fill in the stories of any 385BG Fortresses please make contact.
Some of the named planes we are researching :
"Aimless Wanderer"; "Ain't Mis Behavin"; "Albatross"; "Angel's Sister"; "Babe"; "Badger Beauty"; "Bachelor's Delight"; "Beelzebub"; "Biyou Belle"; "Blitz Buggy"; "Blind date"; "Cinderella"; "Dimples Darling"; "Fighting Cock"; "Flying Vixen"; "Fulton's Folly"; "Gelding"; "Ground Hog"; "Hell on High"; "Happy Daze"; "In Like Flynn"; "Jeanie Beanie"; "Kitty's Revenge"; "Lady Susie"; "Lounge Lizard"; "MayFly"; "Reich's Ruin"; "Screamin' Eagle"; "Sioux Princess"; "Sugar Jo"; "Tung Hoi"; "War Horse"; "Winnie the Pooh" ..... and many others.

I am also searching for mission details, crew lists, formation plans, damage reports, etc, for the following periods of 385BG combat history which have proved particularly difficult to locate :
MARCH 1944 ; JULY 1944 ; AUGUST 1944 ; OCTOBER 1944 and JANUARY 1945
There are also many other gaps in my research on individual mission dates in other periods so if you have any details, memories, photos, etc, relating to any mission the group flew, I would be very pleased to hear from you.

If you have any information (particularly anything relating to named planes), photographs, press cuttings, formations charts, mission recollections relating to the history of the 385BG please contact
Ray Bowden at USAAF Nose Art Research Project

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