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Idaliza (42-97546)

Lady Luck (42-5434)

The Little Woman (42-5393)

Satan's Workshop (42-29931)

Sgt Samuel P. RODMAN

303rd Bomb Group, 360th Bomb Squadron
Molesworth, England

I have been unable to locate very much information about Sam Rodman. If you have any knowledge or information on him,or the planes he painted, I would be delighted hear from you.

Sam Rodman hailed from Chicago but apart from the fact that he was assigned to the 360th Bomb Squadron to work as the squadron painter, I have been unable to establish much about him. A talented artist, he was responsible for painting several B17 Forts in his squadron and had the distinction of not only painting nose art but also tail art! At least two B17Fs had their tail fins embellished with artwork below the aircraft serial number -- "Lady Luck" and "The Little Woman". In many respects the huge flat tail fin of the B17 was ideal for painting and it is surprising that more examples of tail art did not materialise although Rodman's examples are by no means unique -- other examples existed but not many.

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