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USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Maloney's Pony ()

Pistol Pete ()

Red Knight ()

Volga Olga ()


1st Fighter Group
Sicily & Italy

Warren K Perryman hailed from Ponca City and enlisted in the USAAC in Oklahoma City on 11th June 1940, prior to the USA entered the war. He had previously worked as a draughtsman and, once assigned to the 27th Fighter Squadron as an armorer, his artistic talent was soon recognised and put to use in embellishing several of the unit's P38 Lightnings. Many of his nose art designs were cartoons but "Volga Olga" sported a reclining young woman, whose identity and significance has yet to be established.

Little else is known about Perryman and the identity of most of the aircraft he painted, or their pilots, has also escaped detection. Any information on this talented artist and his work is eagerly sought.

Information Update for Readers of
"Plane Names & Fancy Noses - 91st Bomb Group (Heavy)"

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